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This video presentation with Simon Coulson describes our Exclusive Coaching Programme In Detail. Please note an application process applies. (instructions below). Pricing details for the various coaching levels are available to download, instruction in the text below.

You will also see some genuine video feedback stories from some of our platinum coaching students

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Don’t take chances with your success

Did you know that according to a study undertaken by
The American Society for Training and Development you are:


more likely

to achieve your goals if you
have a plan to do it


more likely

if you promise someone
else you will do it


more likely

to achieve your goals if you have
a specific accountability appointment
with the person to whom you commit

Don’t take chances with your success, fastrack it by applying to join our private exclusive mentoring group and get our help and support every step of the way. We have 3 different levels in our Coaching Programme and you can also avail of our financing options (price list and brochure here). Apply to join our Coaching Programme and get ongoing regular training, access to a team of experts, support to build your business and much more….

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