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Hi, and thanks for taking the time to keep up-to-date with my latest training.

Simon Coulson here, Founder of the Internet Business School and veteran of the online world for the last 20 years. I’ve delivered keynote speeches on all things digital to 1000’s of people at a time around the world and shared the stage with luminaries including Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar, President Bill Clinton, Tony Robbins and many more. I’ve also built multiple 7 figure businesses and generated over £40M in online sales – so I like to think I know a thing or two about the digital world!
But in 20 years, I have NEVER seen a bigger, more radical shift in content creation methods and marketing.
The ChatGPT launch in Nov 2022 has turned the status quo upside down and inside out. An old-fashioned Gold Rush has begun as creators rush to take first-mover advantage and monetise the opportunity AI brings. The big players like Microsoft, Google, Apple and Meta are locked in a power battle and fighting for their corporate lives. Meanwhile governments, businesses big and small, and individuals like you and me are racing to try to keep up and figure out what it means for our future.
One thing I have learnt over the last 20 years is that when you see a wave coming it’s best to jump on and see where it leads. And the AI Revolution is not any old wave – far from it- it’s a colossal tidal wave heading our way and if you aren’t prepared you could just get swept away.
So I took serious action and moved almost all of my investments into the AI sector, and the most important investment of all I have made is in my own training!
I went all-in and jumped on a plane to the USA to immerse myself in all things AI for 3 days at the world’s foremost conference, rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s top marketers.
And then I raced back to the UK to share with my subscribers all the LATEST things I’ve learnt, LIVE and in-person – BUT if you missed out on the LIVE training, this is your chance to be “in the room with me” from the comfort of your own home!.
After holding this exclusive training, hosted and taught live by me, you can now learn the latest tips, tricks and strategies for utilising AI to start, build and grow your business ALL FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME with the AI Revolution Live : Video Training Course!
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Look at the growth of searches on AI – DON’T MISS THE BOAT

What you are going to be learning….

OK, so I’m sure you’ve probably heard of CHAT GPT and you’ve probably had a play with it. but that is the TIP OF THE ICEBERG

PROMPT ENGINEERING – how to speak to CHAT GPT to get exactly what you need
Did you know you can MASSIVELY speed up the process by using PROMPT TEMPLATES?  I’ll show you how and where to get them! 
AUTOMATION – How to automate Chat GPT and link with Google spreadsheets – imagine researching a database of contacts then automatically following up with AI
Generating social media content and sharing it on all channels daily on AUTOPILOT
How an AI employee can replace a human for a few £s a year
A bot doesn’t make mistakes , it never calls in sick , doesn’t get drunk, doesn’t have a bad day, doesn’t have a row with its partner – if it does make a mistake it learns and NEVER makes that mistake again
APP CREATION  – Using NOCODE platforms to integrate with the power of AI to literally build your applications for you
How to CREATE APPLICATIONS  ‘off the shelf’ and how to plug and play and build your own with drag-and-drop builders.
How software that just a year ago cost 1M to create can now be built for a few hundred dollars
THE FUTURE –  What next in upcoming CHAT GPT releases

Learn 10 ways to earn using AI




THAT’S RIGHT – at the event, I covered TEN AI BUSINESSES that you can start operating RIGHT NOW – opportunities that didn’t exist just a few months ago!
I taught strategies including:
Social Media Content Creation  – You won’t need a social media manager anymore, using the tools we show you.
AI Course Creation – How you can literally create a course on ANYTHING, FAST using AI tools.
AI Graphics and Video– How you can instantly create amazing graphics and videos for your web pages and social posts using AI, even create your own A.I art range!
AI Chatbots – Leveraging the power of AI to solve your customer’s needs and sell for you on autopilot.
AI-Generated Art and Music – Because, well, I am a musician at heart
AI Marketing Consultancy – the world needs people to understand how to leverage all these new strategies and the money to be earned is huge.

Here’s what people who attended the training said afterwards


We will be showing you…
All About ChatGPT
ChatGPT from set the ball rolling by allowing the world to access the power of an AI Chatbot.
Simon explains the background to its development and shows how to use GPT efficiently with the use of ‘prompts’, He also shows how you can try it for free with our own Ultimate AI Toolbox
Content Creation Examples – GPT vs Bing vs Bard
ChatGPT isn’t the only Chatbot you can use – there is also BingGPT and Google Bard, so watch as we show you the differences between these 3 main Chatbots so you can understand better how and when to use them, and what to be careful of
AI Graphics
Let’s show you how you can create graphics from text and some other cool image generators, and YouTube thumbnail generators, plus Simon gets some new jobs…
Audio Tools
Simon has been investigating lots of AI Audio tools to help with text-to-speech creation, with some great AI voices to speak your words. And you also get to meet Posh Simon!
AI Avatars
Simon shows how AI-generated Avatars are becoming more ‘real’ and can help you present and promote professionally without ever stepping in front of the camera.
Cool AI Tools
Next up, Simon takes you through a whole host of cool AI tools that will blow your mind. 
Fancy a website created in 30 seconds? Restore photos? Transcribe Videos or meetings? And more…! 
AI Automation
No-Code tools can help you plug together different processes to help you increase your productivity and begin to automate repetitive tasks to save you time, effort and money. This is the future and shows how almost anyone can start building AI platforms themselves.
Ten New AI Businesses You Could Start Right Now!
So now you have seen what AI can do, how about starting your own business using some of these amazing tools? Simon has 10 business ideas for you right now that you could use to create online income right now!
Auto AI Affiliate Business
As a special treat,  we have already spotted the power of AI tools and will show you how you could use AI to create and sell products or promote affiliate products using AI Money Bots Sales System
Future and Closing Thoughts
Finally, let’s address the potential future of AI, looking at the challenges it faces along with the benefits that AI could bring to us all.


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AI Revolution 2023

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Simon has generated over £35,000,000 online, with the first £2 million from his spare room at home.

Simon Coulson

Simon is one of the UK's leading Internet Marketers

Simon Coulson MBA climbed the corporate ladder with BT PLC for 14 years before quitting corporate life. He started a series of Internet businesses and is now one of the UK’s leading Internet Marketers, having now built five 7-figure online businesses.

Simon has generated over £35,000,000 online, with the first £2 million from his spare room at home. Simon has made his fortune in a range of different Internet business models including information products, membership sites, online retail, online training and online transaction services.

Simon has also become an established public speaker on Internet Marketing and has spoken around the world to audiences of up to 7,000 including at the London o2 arena. After mentoring some friends to start their own successful Internet businesses, the first of which has now generated over £5 million alone, Simon decided to roll out a coaching program to a wider audience and launched the Internet Business School in 2007 and the organisation has trained 1,000’s of entrepreneurs and created many successful online businesses.

He also has interests in property development, self-storage, holiday rentals, and a leading UK Songwriting school. In his spare time, he is an accomplished vocalist and musician and has released 3 albums with over 3 million streams on Spotify.

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