Learn All You Need To Know To Write Your Own Book, Get It Published And Start Making Sales

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Component #1: How To Write A Best-Selling Book

– Why now is the best time ever to write and self-publish your own book
– Step-by-step instructions on how to write a best-selling book
– The key stages you must follow when writing your own books
– How to choose the right genre and topic for your book
– How to research keywords and phrases to determine whether your book will sell before you write it
– What subjects and chapters to include in your book, and why
– How to structure your book correctly and keep your readers engaged
– The time-frame to expect for writing and publishing your books
– Where to go to ‘outsource’ the actual writing of the book if you don’t have the time to write it yourself

Component #2: How to get your book Self-Published

– The step-by-step proven blueprint for self-publishing your own books
– Where to source inexpensive contractors to proofread and edit your book
– How to get your written work typeset in preparation for book printing
– How to select a powerful title that will grab your readers’ interest
– How to make your book stand out from the crowd
– Where to find inexpensive designers to create your book cover and artwork
– Different printing options available to you and when to choose between digital or litho printing

Component #3: How To Take Your Book To Market & Maximise Sales

– How to set about marketing your book and the different options available to you
– The step-by-step book marketing campaign, and how to apply it
– How to set up your very own book publishing company
– The proven strategy for getting any book into Waterstones and other major High Street retailers
– How to set up your own publishers’ account on Amazon, the right way
– How to plan ahead for future books and develop a long-term publishing strategy
– How to attract authors to your publishing company and explode your profits

Component #4: How To Publish Your Book On Amazon Kindle

– Expert guidance on how and why you need to publish your book on Amazon Kindle
– How to get your book formatted effectively to be accepted for Kindle inclusion 
– How to rank highly on Amazon in order to maximise exposure and boost sales
– Step-by-step instructions on how to upload your book to the Amazon Digital Text platform
– How to get paid by Amazon and increase your royalties through effective marketing on Amazon

Component #5: How To Get Free Traffic Via Social Media Platforms

 – A comprehensive tutorial on generating massive levels of traffic from Social Media for free
 – How to create fast and easy videos yourself which you can use to promote your books
 – How to get lots of sales through LinkedIn for free
 – How to promote your book on FaceBook ads for literally just 1p per click
 – How to set up your YouTube account and create your artwork banners
 – How to drive very high levels of traffic to your book either on your website or Amazon
 – Different printing options available to you when promoting books on Social Media

Component #6: How To Become A No.1 Best-Selling Author

– Richard McMunn’s blueprint for getting your books to rank best-seller status
– How to get all of your books to rank high for your chosen category on Amazon
– The secrets of how you can get your book to become a No.1 best seller on Amazon
– The single killer tip for making sure your book sells loads of copies even before it is launched

Writing a book and then finding a publisher can be hard work, and even if you manage it, your publisher will no doubt take most of the profits. Thanks to the introduction of Amazon Kindle, and many other tools and resources now available, the concept of ‘Self-Publishing’ is a profitable reality.

In this comprehensive course, presented by UK best-selling author and publisher, Richard McMunn, you will learn the step-by-step process for writing a best-seller even with no prior experience and the proven blueprint for publishing the book yourself.  This means you won’t need to find a traditional publishing house if you don’t want to and you’ll get to keep 100% of the profits.

This Course Is For You If  You Want To:

  • See your book in print

  • See your book on sale in major online retailers such as Amazon

  • See your book on sale in High Street stores such as Waterstones

  • Gain additional respect and recognition from peers

  • Use as a powerful positioning tool within your industry

  • Learn exactly how to do all this from a best-selling author and publisher

Some Of Our Best-Selling Authors So Far …

Stephen Sawyer, UK Best-Selling Author, wanted to write and publish a book to help people get a career in the Formula 1 industry, either as an Engineer or F1 Driver. Soon after his launch he sold a staggering 43 copies in just 1 day which equates to a gross income of £644.57!

Yvonne Newbold, one of our most inspiring authors to have published her book with our coaching. She has achieved No. 1 Best-Selling Author Status on a number of occasions and also sold 67 copies of her book before it was launched, generating £868.99 in pre-order sales!

Course Participant Feedback:

” Working with Richard to produce my book has exceeded my expectations and profits are being realised. I am now planning to write a sequel to the first book and will no doubt work with Richard again in the future. His coaching and mentoring is something that I would highly recommend to any aspiring author.”   
Bill Lavender, London

I would highly recommend Richard to any potential authors as he genuinely cares about progress and will provide any support required to achieve your goals. He has certainly helped me in publishing three books which I am grateful for. 
David Isaacs, London

Before I took on-board Richard’s advice I knew nothing about publishing. Now, however, I have a best-selling book on sale on Amazon and in Waterstones which has really helped to boost my portfolio and business. I would not hesitate in recommending Richard to help you get your book published. One of Richard’s greatest assets is that he cares about getting your book published. 
Michael Watson

This course will teach you everything there is to know about the publishing industry, from writing and publishing books through to selling those books through major retailers such as Amazon and High Street stores.

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Rick is an award-winning entrepreneur, a public speaker, and multiple No.1 best-selling author whilst making over £5 Million in the process.

Richard McMunn

Founder of 'How 2 Become' & Award-Winning Entrepreneur

Richard McMunn is an award-winning entrepreneur, No.1 best-selling author and dedicated tutor for the Internet Business School. Rick started his own publishing business in 2005, launching a range of career guides, which were designed to help job seekers gain employment.

In 2017, Rick won the Specialist Consumer Online Publisher of the Year Award and the Nielsen Digital Marketing Award in 2016, 2017 and 2018!  Rick is an award-winning entrepreneur, a public speaker, and multiple No.1 best-selling author whilst making over £5 Million in the process. 

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