Generate a Healthy Cashflow & Avoid Doing Any Presenting Yourself. This is The Same System Our Coaches Have Used to Generate Well Over 6-Figures

Course Overview

Finally you can copy me step-by-step and use my Webinar System

How To Make £5000+ In 30 Days With The “3 Step Easy Cash Webinar System”

Get Results With Just One Hour of Work Per Week

1. Grow organic followers

2. Direct people to webinars

3. Make money




Step By Step Hands On Video Training – Look Over My Shoulder As We Implement The 3 Step System

  • How you can use other people’s webinars to generate a healthy cashflow and avoid having to do any presenting yourself
  • How to supercharge your event online and ensure that you always have the right attendees turning up that are ready to buy
  • Grow FREE organic followers using Meetup & Eventbrite to promote your event to a HYPER-TARGETED audience of people that are already looking for webinars like yours
  • How to set up and run a highly successful webinar that produces sales for your business / somebody else’s business
  • ​A simple strategy that’s laid out in front of you step-by-step throughout the process.
  • ​All you need is your laptop.


What You’ll Be Learning

Part 1 – Grow Organic Followers and Eventbrite are leading platforms to find events and webinars, learn how to leverage these platforms and drive a ton of people to live and pre-recorded webinars from all over the world using your affiliate link

We’ll cover everything including:

  • How to create a high-converting webinars without you EVER having to appear.
  • ​How to get started using meetup/Eventbrite
  • How to plan the online events to ensure success using the “Perfect Webinar” formula
  • How to laser target a specific audience tailored to the webinar topic
  • How once set up you can put on multiple webinars every single day in less than 15minutes leveraging the experience of well known webinar speakers
  • How to grow a database and email list from your webinar attendees

Part 2 – Direct People To Webinars

How to use meetup & Eventbrite to drive targeted traffic to multiple webinars that you can put on daily.

We’ll cover everything including:

  • How to get bums on seats to your webinars using FREE strategies
  • ​How to increase even more attendees using the power of Facebook Ads
  • ​How to increase conversions and generate even more affiliate commissions
  • ​How to continue to seamlessly monetise webinar attendees for years and years to come
  • ​How to do all this working just one hour per week

Part 3 – Make Money

Now this is the fun part!

We’ll cover everything including:

  • ​Setup your automated webinars and generate cash while you sleep
  • Generate high-ticket affiliate commissions seamlessly without ever having to sell anything yourself
  • ​Let others do the work for you whilst you sit back and MAKE MONEY

How Much Will You Make???

Skills Required To Make This A Success

  • Can You Copy and Paste?
  • Can You Drag and Drop?
  • ​Can you send emails & messages?
  • ​Follow step-by-step instructions?
  • ​All you need is a laptop


Course Modules

  • Module 1 – Easy Webinar – How to Grow Followers
  • Module 2 – Easy Webinar – All
  • Module 3 – Easy Webinar
  • Module 4 – Easy Webinar – Promoting Events via Facebook
  • Module 5 – Easy Webinar – Joint Venture Strategies
  • Module 6 – Easy Webinar – Direct People to Attend Your Webinars
  • Module 7 – Easy Webinar – Let’s Make Money!

Easy Cash Webinar System