Learn how to use Zoom to host professional meetings

Course Overview

Part 1 - Zoom Basics

1 – Welcome & course overview
2 – Plans and Pricing
3 – Zoom Referral and Partnership Program
4 – Meeting Settings
5 – Adding In Your Calendar
6 – User Settings
7 – Live Closed Captioning
8 – Creating A Meeting – Part 1
9 – Creating A Meeting – Part 2
10 – Creating A Webinar – Part 1
11 – Creating A Webinar – Part 2
12 – Mobile Meetings and Webinars
13 – Scheduling with Calendar
14 – Managing Your Zoom Recording
15 – Editing Your Zoom Recording
16 – Transcribing Your Recording
17 -Native Integrations – YouTube Upload
18 – Storage Integrations
19 – Transcribing Your Recording
20 – Conclusion – Part 1 Summary

Part 2 - Zoom Advanced

1 – Overview
2 – On-Demand Webinars – Part 1
3 – On-Demand Webinars – Part 2
4 – Streaming Webinars To Facebook Live – Part 1
5 – Streaming Webinars to Facebook Live – Part 2
6 – Streaming Webinars to YouTube Live – Part 1
7 – Streaming Webinars To YouTube Live – Part – 2
8 – Zapier Integrations Overview
9 – Zoom and Aweber
10 – Zoom and Getresponse
11- Zoom and Meetup
12 – Zoom and Eventbrite
13 – Zoom and PayPal
14 – Zoom and Stripe
15 – Zoom and Manychat
16 – Integration with Skype for Business
17 – Live Example – Part 1
18 – Live Example – Part 2
19 – Live Example – Part 3
20 – Conclusion

PLUS… we’ve also included all the mp3 files of the course, so you can listen back, recap or learn on the go! 

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Learn how to use Zoom to host professional meetings, webinars, integrate with third-party tools, autoresponders, payment processors and learn how to stream your broadcasts to Facebook Live and YouTube.

Step-by-Step Over-The-Shoulder Online Course on How to use Zoom Properly.

In today’s world, Zoom offers the kind of flexibility that enables you to run your business from anywhere, even at home! This is a step-by-step, watch and implement course designed to teach you all you know about Zoom, QUICKLY!

When business professionals need a platform to talk with several people at once, schedule video meetings, deliver content to groups and get paid for it and simultaneously broadcast live to Facebook or YouTube they use Zoom.

Use Zoom to Host Webinars …

Everyone is connecting with their leads using webinars. Are you? If you’re not, then you’re missing out on a considerable number of sales. That’s right; webinars can be used to convert leads into sales.

You’re not going to have a webinar with people who have already bought. What you’re trying to do with a webinar is to convert people who are on the fence. They need a little extra nudge, and a webinar is how you do it.

Use Zoom to Set up Virtual Conference Rooms …

You may own a business where the workers are in different locations or working from home. It’s not uncommon in today’s digital workplace that people are located across the globe.

How do you connect with them, in a professional manner, when it comes time to have a conference? The way you do that is by utilising Zoom.

Everyone will feel like they’re right there and a part of the presentation. There can even be a dialogue between you and those who are attending the conference. It’ll be a fully functional conference that will result in everyone being on the same page.

Use Zoom to Schedule Meetings Where Everyone Has Their Say …

It’s vital that you remember that Zoom isn’t a one-way communication tool. Everyone can talk and interact with each other when using Zoom. It doesn’t matter if everyone is in the same office building or are located all over the world.

You’ll be able to get together and share ideas and talk about what’s going on. Communication is vital for any business, and it’s often overlooked by those who spend all day working behind a computer.

Everything there is to know about Zoom can be learned by watching our videos.

As a busy professional, you don’t have the time to learn everything there is to know about Zoom. What you’re seeking is a shortcut. That’s precisely what this course gives you.

√ You’ll be able to hold conferences with a handful of people or even hundreds.

√ Meetings that once were painful and clunky will be hassle-free with the use of Zoom.

√ It will change every aspect of communication that you have with your employees.

A Clear Line Of Communication Is Vital Now To Maintain Normality & Stay in Business …

If you want to maintain normality in your day to day business life. A business without proper communication is one that will stumble more times than it succeeds.

Make sure this doesn’t happen. Keep the lines of communication open and the dialogue flowing.

The course is divided into 2 sections:
1. Zoom – starter & intermediate – which consists of 20 modules.
2. Zoom Advanced – contains an additional 20 tutorials dealing with advanced settings, more 3rd party integrations and how to use to engage and profit from your meetings and webinars.

How to Use ZOOM