Learn How to Set Up & Run Your Very Own Successful Podcast

Course Overview
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Course Content

  • How to start your own show
  • What equipment you need to get started
  • Establishing a Podcast idea based on demand
  • Creating a Podcast title to hook in your listeners.
  • How to generate Podcast episode ideas and captivating content.
  • The Fastest way to grow and develop your Podcast channel
  • How to grow and monetise your Podcast
  • How to record Podcast interviews with industry experts
  • How to use Skype and other tools to record interviews
  • Editing your Podcast
  • How to get your Podcast seen online
  • Tags, images & metadata for search optimisation
  • How to choose the right Podcast platform for your business
  • How to publish your Podcast
  • How to generate traffic for your Podcast
  • How to launch for success
  • How to develop and boost your Podcast to increase downloads
  • How to monetise your Podcast with different products and services
  • Secrets to creating a successful & sustainable Podcast
  • How to correctly sell or promote your products, business and services from your Podcast
  • FAQ

Plus … a step-by-step tutorial on how to record high-quality Podcast episodes.
Plus LOTS MORE content and tutorials!

Learn How to Set Up & Run Your Very Own Successful Podcast… with No Prior Experience or Expertise Required!

Podcasts are now one of the most preferred ways to consume content online. This information-packed training course will teach you the fastest way to set up, run & grow your own highly successful Podcast.

Having your own ‘online show’ is the ideal way to establish authority and grow your business and brand.

Mobile devices make it so easy for people to listen to Podcasts while on the go, so NOW  is the perfect time to set up your own Podcast and build a dedicated community of followers online. 

Podcasting is one of the most exciting ways to generate content for your online platforms and is one of the best ways to generate traction, trust, leads and sales for your business.

Don’t have an idea for your Podcast yet? Don’t worry… this course shows you how to generate a Podcast idea based on demand to fastback your Podcasting success!

This course is the only one you need to set up, create, run, launch and market a podcast in order to grow your business and brand whilst also incorporating cutting edge marketing techniques.


This exciting course gives you the FASTEST way to grow and develop your Podcast channel and gives you the inside track on what it takes to get more downloads from your Podcast.

Who is this course for?

This training course is perfect for anyone, regardless of their experience or background. You will go from scratch, right through to having the confidence levels to record, edit and publish your own PODCAST channel. 

Here are 5 great reasons to start your own Podcast:

REASON #1 – It’s easy. You need no prior experience or knowledge!
REASON #2 – A Podcast allows you to generate long-form content quickly.
REASON #3 – You can interview other people and use them to create content for your Podcast.
REASON #4 – It creates the perfect connection and trust with your audience and listeners.
REASON #5 – It allows you to easily create a repeatable ‘touch point’ for your audience, generating trust in the process.

NOW is the time to start your own Podcast and learn how to grow your business with modern digital techniques.

Rick is an award-winning entrepreneur, a public speaker, and multiple No.1 best-selling author whilst making over £5 Million in the process. 

Richard McMunn

Founder of 'How 2 Become' & Award-Winning Entrepreneur

Richard McMunn is an award-winning entrepreneur, No.1 best-selling author and dedicated tutor for the Internet Business School. Rick started his own publishing business in 2005, launching a range of career guides, which were designed to help job seekers gain employment.

In 2017, Rick won the Specialist Consumer Online Publisher of the Year Award and the Nielsen Digital Marketing Award in 2016, 2017 and 2018!  Rick is an award-winning entrepreneur, a public speaker, and multiple No.1 best-selling author whilst making over £5 Million in the process. 

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