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The DM Report – Side Hustle Issue

The Digital Marketing Report aka ‘The DM Report’

Hello fellow marketers and welcome to this week’s edition of The DM Report!

We hope you enjoyed last week’s launch edition all about ‘AIM’, or as you now know it – Artificial intelligence Marketing. It’s always interesting learning about new technologies such as ‘AIM’ and what it’s doing for us all now and what it might do for us in the future.

This week we’re straying away from the digital marketing trends and turning our focus towards ‘Side Hustling’.

What in the world is side hustling you ask? Let us explain…

The common definition of side hustle is that it’s a way to make some extra cash that allows you flexibility to pursue what you’re either most interested in, most skilled at or both. Look at Side Hustling as a chance to delve into fashion, travel, online marketing or whatever it is you are passionate about without quitting your day job.

According to and many other sites out there, it’s agreed that it’s a great idea if you need something to fill in any gaps in your week, to help you make some extra cash or if you simply need a break from the repetitiveness of your usual income. has a list of 50 ideas for a side hustle endeavor and we’re about to take a look at some of the most common from across the web.

  • Drive for Uber: Someone always has to get somewhere at sometime, and most of us have used Uber or Lyft to get from point A to point B when public transport just won’t cut it! There are some requirements to start driving with either company which can be found on their website: UBER: BECOME AN UBER DRIVER

  • Sell items on EBay, Gumtree, and Preloved: Each and every one of us has a load of stuff just laying around the home or wherever you’re living. It’s quick and painless, you simply take pictures of whatever it is that you are wanting to sell, post it online and wait for someone to come along and buy it. You know the old saying ‘another man’s trash is another man’s treasure’, it’s completely true and these selling sites are proof. The biggest tip for selling items is to take good quality pictures of what you are trying to sell, write a clear, detailed description and do your best to catch the buyers eye.
  • Tutor over Skype: This technology didn’t exist 20 years ago and now there are endless possibilities with If you have knowledge about something and want to share it with others why not teach those who are trying to learn something about a particular skill set that you can provide to them and get paid for it? You can also tutor in person but online allows much more flexibility.


  • Get a part-time job: we know what you’re going to say! You want a social life or your full time job is just too much to consider having a second job! But in today’s realm most people are carrying the weight of two jobs, one full and one part time, or they’re somehow managing two full time jobs. There’s always somewhere that’s looking for someone to fill a few hours here and there, why not you?


  • Start a Vlog/Blog or Podcast: There might even be money in this one, especially if you create and develop a popular channel that attracts sponsors! Initially, if you just have vast amounts of information that you are willing to share with the world for free then one of these options might be perfect, especially if you like being seen and/or heard sharing your thoughts and ideas with the world.


  • Walk dogs: Man’s best friend, our little four legged furry companions always need some love and attention. If you work from home or just have a lot of spare time on your hands, this is a great opportunity to get out there with a four-legged friend. Put your computer skills to work, make up some flyers and take them to your local coffee shop, newsagents, library, the local park – anywhere that you are allowed to post signs! Grow your client list and your dog walking business will take off before you know it.

We could go on for hours listing all the possibilities that are out there for side hustling. If you’re strapped for cash or just want to do something that benefits others these are just six simple ideas to get you thinking.

If you have spare time to go out and make a difference in someone’s life by doing something that helps them and eventually helps you to make a little bit more cash on the side, then it’s a hustle worth hunting out!


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The author: Phillip Kirks is an Apprentice of the Internet Business School. When he’s not writing engaging, factual Blogs for our students, he runs his own production company and is a keen filmmaker and producer. He currently lives in Denver, CO.