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Why You Should Be Paying Attention to Facebook Groups

Here at the Internet Business School, we’re constantly on the lookout for new internet marketing opportunities. That’s why a recent article by Mark Zuckerburg caught our attention. The article was about the concepts behind Facebook Groups and how communities are being built online. Many people are already part of a Facebook Group, but so few understand their potential for marketing.

So what are Facebook Groups? Facebook Groups are separate areas of Facebook aside from your Facebook feed. These can be public but a more often or not Groups are member-only, managed by moderators.  Groups centre around a unified topic and become closer to a forum than regular Facebook communication.


Out of the 1.7 billion people who use Facebook every month, over 1 billion are active in one or more Facebook Groups. This huge audience, gathered into groups by share interests, is a perfect business tool for marketing online. Those who set up Facebook Groups can often benefit from the community they build. For instance, if you run a series of horticultural and garden shows and wish to advertise them, creating a group for gardners is a perfect way to engage with your target audience. Creating a successful group also grants you expertise and authority as a pillar of this community


Due to the fact you’ve gathered your target audience into one place, the organic reach of your brand is often much better due to to the focused nature of the group. This can save you money on Facebook advertising as you don’t need to use the targeting nature of Facebook Ads.


Want to brush up on your Facebook skills so you can make the most of Facebook Groups? Visit our range of Facebook courses covering everything from the basics, to marketing and ads.

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Why You Should Consider Attending A Webinar

Being willing to learn new skills to get the edge over your competitors is a key part of being an Interpreneur. We understand that at the Internet Business School and try to give our students as many opportunities to pick up essential internet marketing techniques as we can. Lately we’ve found our students love the ease and convenience of webinars.

So what is a webinar?


A webinar or ‘web seminar’ is an online conference-style presentation you can watch on your own computer. They are usually made up of live video, a slideshow presentation, desktop sharing or a combination of those three. The audio accompanying the presentation is live and streamed to you using web-conferencing software. Webinars can include interactive components including chat rooms, instant messaging, polls, social media integration and sometimes chances to ask questions via audio or video.


What are the advantages of webinars?


With webinars, there’s no need to leave the house. Going to ‘traditional’ conferences requires a lot of travel, which comes with its own host of expenses. Attending a webinar doesn’t require you to shell out for plane tickets, train fare, accommodation or eating out. Webinars are not only the wallet-friendly option but also saves you the stress involved with travelling.


It’s also easier to leave a bad webinar than a bad conference. If the presentation isn’t for you, it’s much simpler just to close the tab in your internet browser rather than leave a conference room or convention centre. When you leave a webinar, you’re still in your own home. When you leave a conference, you still have to deal with your travel back.


Unlike conferences, many webinars are archived. This means you can rewatch them later in case you feel like you missed something in your notes, or if you didn’t write something down as clearly as you’d like.


Webinars often have opportunities for interaction that traditional presentations and conferences do not. As mentioned, webinar platforms often include chat rooms, instant messaging and ways to interact via social media. This means you can talk with your fellow attendees or give feedback to the presenters. This opens up new options to learn from both the experts in attendance and your peers.


Want to start learning from webinars? Visit for webinar opportunities and great online courses you can study without leaving the house.

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What’s On at The Business Show?

The Great British Business Show is the fastest growing  business show in Europe. After seventeen years of successful events, the business show is back again with an exciting range of expert speakers, interactive features and industry leading suppliers. The show attracts over 25,000 businesses from a cross-section of industries, who attend with the aim of improving and expanding their business. The exhibition is completely free to attend meaning it’s the perfect opportunity to find the advice and information essential for business growth. It’s no surprise that due to their enthusiasm, the business show keeps on growing.


So what should you expect at  The Great British Business Show?




The Show features seminars from top industry experts. These include famous faces in business such as past, present and current Dragons from the hit TV show Dragon’s Den. Other experts include Bill Collison, founder of Bill’s Restaurant, Steve Parish co-owner of Crystal Palace F.C. and Mark Wright, Winner of ‘The Apprentice’.


Find a full list of speakers here.




Many businesses are exhibiting with stands at the Business Show. There are businesses from a vast range of industries, from big name households brands such as Costco and Fujitsu to business improvement experts such as ActionCoach and the Internet Business School.


Discover what businesses you can see here.




Throughout the show, big businesses are offering masterclasses for business owners. These include lessons on stock markets, branding, managing cashflow, digital marketing, card payments (with Mastercard,) and much more.


Click here to explore what you could be learning at the Business Show.




There are business opportunities aplenty at the Business Show, with networking events, meetings and business advice. There’s even a chance to get your business idea funded at the Angels’ Den. More details can be found on the official website


Check out the list of features here.


The Internet Business School team will be heading off to the Business Show  twice a year. Come find us at our stand or visit us at one of our many feature talks. We have many talks throughout the event for beginners and for experienced marketers. To see our feature timetable,click here.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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Why Internet Marketers Are Mad For Facebook Ads

Here at the Internet Business School,  we know the importance of great advertising. That’s why we teach our students how to use the best platforms to get their products and services seen. Facebook is a platform we use every day for social interaction, but did you know that internet marketing experts are crazy for promoting businesses through Facebook? Here’s why!

  1. Facebook is the second most visited website on the Internet. With 1.28 billion active users per month, that huge audience means plenty of exposure for your ad campaigns.
  2. Facebook fan pages increase customer loyalty. By creating a fan page your customers can interact directly with your business, building up loyalty and brand image.
  3. Fan pages can be used to offer special promotions. It can also be used to promote new products, or launch ad campaigns. Frequent updates keep your customers well informed and up to date.
  4. Targeting advertising is one of the main attractions to advertising on Facebook. Facebook ads can be targeted at specific people by age, location, personal interests and more. It can also place ads only on certain pages that feature a chosen keyword.
  5. Facebook ads are more flexible than Google Adwords. Facebook offers longer ad descriptions and the ability to have image based ads increases engagement as people are more likely to look at pictures.
  6. Facebook is a platform built around user engagement, users not only look at information but also share and talk about it. This results in higher visibility and greater exposure.
  7. Your ad has a greater chance being seen multiple times because Facebook allows for multiple ad views. Many users visit Facebook multiple times a day and each time they can see your ad.
  8. When advertising on Facebook you can choose between CPC and CPM pay structures. Facebook allows advertise to purchase ads on a click based or impression based fee structure. This allows you to tailor your campaign based on budget and other factors.
  9. Placing ads on Facebook can be the inexpensive option. Due to the targeted nature of their advertising, you can reach your target market at affordable prices. There are also a range of packages allowing you to remain within your budget.
  10. By using Facebook you’re guaranteed to reach smartphone users. Millions use Facebook on their smartphones every day. With Facebook, your ads will reach both computer and smartphone users

So why aren’t you using Facebook for your business? Need to know where to start? Our Facebook Ads course has everything you need to know about using Facebook to promote your business. Visit the course page to find out more!

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Back In The Classroom

As a provider of top quality internet marketing courses, here at the Internet Business School we know the benefits of getting back in the classroom. Though the idea of studying may bring back bad memories of school days and revising for exams, the classroom is still the ideal place for obtaining new skills. Here’s why:

  1. Experts are always on hand to give on the spot practical advice and answer any questions you may have.
  2. There are opportunities to learn about subjects from a new angle, or go further in depth using the teacher’s expertise. You also get the opportunity to ask questions outside the dictated subject matter.
  3. Help and answers come immediately as opposed to getting them via email or Google search.
  4. You can network with people learning the same subject, allowing you to share your experiences and form a social group.
  5. Lessons contain hands on use of tools and techniques for your subject area.
  6. Expert trainers and teachers make the learning experience more engaging, interesting and enjoyable.
  7. The teaching style can be adapted to the needs of the learners.
  8. Being in the classroom can give you a quiet dedicated learning time away from the busy nature of your daily routine.
  9. Being in an environment dedicated to learning can help you focus better than if you were at home.
  10. You can receive valuable feedback from your teacher and others in your class.

Want to learn new skills that can turn your life around? Visit us at to see our wide range of courses that can set you off on a new career, give you the skills to promote your business or even make extra money from the comfort of your own home. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Five Reasons Why You Should Network

Here at the Internet Business School, we’re committed to making sure small businesses have the best start possible. That’s why we make sure to inform you on the best methods to make the most of the entrepreneur life and ensure personal success. Just because you’ve created a business by yourself, doesn’t mean you have to keep everything to yourself. This is why you should be networking.

1) Going it Alone Doesn’t Have To Be Lonely.


While you can’t measure this benefit in financial profit, do not overlook the benefits of having people by your side when you run your own business.  Having friends in the business means there will always be someone to have your back. Saving you from the loneliness of just having your computer screen for company, friends in the industry provide you with motivation or simply someone there to improve your mood. It also helps to have someone there to listen when you have ideas or when you simply want to moan. Organising a meetup or conversation each week can give you something to look forward to.


2) More People Provide More Opportunities


Arguably the most significant benefit from networking are the opportunities meeting up with others can bring. From joint venture and business partnerships to being invited to speaking and writing gigs, the best opportunities after often shared in person. People are more likely to invite people they know and trust to their events over those they don’t. Some people will even prefer to buy and sell their assets with familiar faces. This means  networking can be one of the most profitable means for your business.


3) Find Good Sources of Free Advice


Sometimes Google doesn’t have all the answers you need, or sometimes you’re not sure if the advice you find even works. Sometimes you don’t want to spend all your hard earned cast on paying consultants. Your network can be an infinitely useful for advice as long as you provide your own expertise in response. Don’t demand too much without giving in return. The better your network, the better advice you can obtain so make sure to keep networking so you can continue to find people with common goals and values to exchange advice.


4) Friends Help Out Friends


Mutual help is an essential part of networking. Here are some ways that you and your network can help each other out.

  • Promotions – By promoting each other businesses, you and your network can boost each other’s’ traffic, reputation and sales.
  • Links – Building up links boosts the strength of your SEO, putting links on each others’ pages can also help share news and information.
  • Introductions – Your connections can help you make further connections with new people they think would be good additions to your network.
  • Assistance – Sometimes you just need another pair of hands to fix a double code, give you a head up or have your back when someone attacks your business.


5) You Can Learn from the Examples Around You


Those you associate with will end up having an influence on you. If you surround yourself with the right people, then their attitudes, habits, views and associations will rub off on you and have a positive influence. Modelling yourself on successful people is often a way to improve your own performance, so if you surround yourself with good influences you should improve your own practices.

Do you have questions about networking? Visit to see our extensive range of internet marketing courses, where you’ll find everything you need for online sales success. If you have any further questions, why not contact us at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About WordPress.

The Internet Business School has always provided a hub of knowledge and skill to aspiring and experienced interpreneurs alike. When we notice that our students are missing out on a key area of internet marketing, we have to step in to keep them informed.  For over a decade, WordPress has been key for new businesses to get a presence online, but so many don’t use it. What should you know about WordPress?

Searching for WordPress in Google will give you an amazing 1.6 billion results. This makes WordPress the most popular website building and customer management tool out there.


Founded in May 2003, WordPress is older than some of the most popular internet marketing and social media platforms out there, including Facebook and Twitter.


As of May 2017, there are 17 million websites powered by WordPress in existence.  Wordpress users write around 70 million news posts each month which means 542 million words are written on WordPress blogs every single day. That’s equal to the whole Harry Potter series written over five hundred times a day.


WordPress is growing fast. In 2013, there were 11.2 billion pageviews on WordPress blogs. In 2014 there were 15.8 billion. Last year (2016) WordPress blogs were accessed 22.2 billion times, showing WordPress has yet to stop expanding!


The latest edition of WordPress, WordPress 4.6 has been downloaded 3.8 million times since when it was released in the summer 2016.


WordPress keeps its users by being one of the most easily customisable CMS tools out there. WordPress offers 4,081 free themes and 46,291 free plugins, available to everyone to customise their website.


Premium WordPress themes are extremely profitable for their makers on the online theme marketplace – ThemeForest. Half of all premium WordPress themes make at least $1000 a month, whilst a quarter make $2,500. Five percent of all themes on ThemeForest make an amazing $10,000. A great business opportunity if you’re talented at building themes!


WordPress boasts a user base ranging from complete novices to expert designers and developers. Global brands also love to use WordPress. The following major brands all have WordPress-powered sites: Coca Cola, Samsung, Star Wars, Mercedes-Benz, Sony and Playstation.


Some of the most-read websites, those attracting readership of millions, make use of WordPress. These include The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes magazine, Reuters and Harvard Business Review. Technology blogs such as Mashable, Bigg, Tech Crunch and IGN are also WordPress clients.


WordPress is also popular amongst celebrities hoping to promote their brand. Famous WordPress users include rapper Jay-Z, singer Sir Tom Jones, and action star Sylvester Stallone.


So why aren’t you using WordPress?  Need a leg up to get you started? The Internet Business School now runs professional WordPress course for both beginners and experienced WordPress users. Discover everything you need to know about the world’s most popular at or visit our course pages for Beginners, or Advanced users by clicking on the option relevant to you.

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The Five Best Practices for Successful Crowdfunding

Here at the Internet Business School, we’re constantly keeping an eye out for the most effective ways to get small businesses growing. That’s why we produce our range of great internet marketing courses, the latest of which is a guide to an increasingly popular way of starting up a business – Crowdfunding.  Crowdfunding, raising money for a project from online backers, is a way of funding built on communication and trust between business and customers. While crowdfunding can lead to great success, online backers are wary of scams and false promises. Legitimate businesses can fail to crowdfund due to gaining a bad reputation, often due to lack of trust-building communication. Here are the five best practices to making sure your crowdfunding projects are successful.

Do Your Research
Your crowdfunding campaign won’t get anywhere if you don’t understand your target audience and community you see your idea or product fitting into. Before you even start your crowdfunding campaign, you need to stop and visualise where your product or service will fit and what its audience will be. Imagine your intended audience, their interests, look at the sort of campaigns they already follow and what social media they use, then use all this information to advertise your own ideas.


Communication is Key.

Don’t assume that because you put your product out there that people are naturally going to find it. Even before you’ve completed your product you need to work out the demand for it and start communicating with your audience. Communication with your audience must be consistent and it’s important to remain on top of it throughout your campaign. Every channel possible should be used, be it email, social media or a website. Online crowdfunding platforms often have news feeds and comment sections, these too should be used to approach your audience and answer any queries they may have. Backers will only feel confidence in you if you maintain a good relationship with them and that requires quick, easy and up to date communication.


Be Transparent with your Business

Throughout your campaign and your crowdfunding platform, all the main parts of your business and product should be very clearly explained. This builds up trust and if you omit any of the details this will raise questions about whether they wish to invest in your product. The quality of your website and advertising also factors into whether people trust you. They don’t have to be completely perfect, but customers trust companies that look like they have spent time and effort on their advertising materials. If you’re hesitant to show your website or advertisement to someone, this is a good indication that you need to put more time into it.


Market from All Angles.

It goes without saying that you need all the attention you can get to raise funds. This means you’ll need to take a mixed approach to marketing with both digital and physical promotion. In addition to websites, videos and other internet based approaches, you should seek more traditional ways of advertising. Show up and gather attention at conventions, interest-group get-together and even at competitors’ events to approach your audience directly. You can also collaborate with other people and their campaigns. Such collaborations could involve including another company’s information or pictures in a campaign update whilst they do the same. Make sure these other companies are credible otherwise your business will look untrustworthy for partnering with them.


Maintain Your Reputation.

Even after you’ve launched a product or service off the back of crowdfunding, it’s important to keep up public relations. Having a good start is key but so is continuing the successes of your business. Keep up with your communication with a steady flow of updates so backers continue to trust you to deliver what you’ve promised. As soon as you’ve made progress with a product or service, be it sourcing components, making a partnership or having a trial run, update your backers on this fact. This transparency maintains your reputation and gives customers confidence in your business.


Want to find out how you can make the most of crowdfunding? Discover everything you need to know to fund your projects with our online Crowdfunding Masterclass. Visit the course page to find out more.

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Four Things Online Business Owners Must Know to Survive

The world of online marketing can be a vast and confusing place for small businesses. That’s why here at the Internet Business School, we’re constantly producing a great range of internet marketing courses, just like our Internet Marketing Profits course. Yet we feel there are some core truths that online business owners need to know before they even take one of our great courses. Here are four things online business owners must know to succeed.

1) The Learning Process Never Ends

The internet is fast and ever changing, meaning the methods you used to advertise last month may not still be relevant to your audience today. Especially when it comes to social media. trends, fads and crazes do not remain stationary for very long. If you’re trying to use popular internet trends and memes to engage your audience, it’s important to know what is is currently being shared or risk seeming dated. Promoting your business online requires you to stay up to date. Learning how to identify key internet trends as and when they happen is key to the most effective internet marketing.


2) Educate, Persuade and Take Action

We are surrounded by advertising every day. So much so that we often ignore or disregard most of the marketing we see. That’s why your advertising has to be a cut above the rest. It has to serve a purpose, in addition to be an ad, that makes sure people take in and remember your brand. Memorable advertising does three essential things: educate, persuade and prompt its audience to take action:

  • Educate – People will remember your brand if you teach them something new.
  • Persuade – The most persuasive advertising is the most memorable. Research what appeals most to your target audience and use that in your marketing.
  • Take Action – Always include an appeal for action in your advertising. This doesn’t have to be to go buy something. This action could be to share an ad on social media, which in turn is a free ad your audience has made for you.

3) Always be Responsive

After determining what to post on social media and when you should be posting it, you can’t just fill your platforms with content without interaction. Social media is primarily about conversation, whether it’s talking to your friends and relatives, or leaving reviews for a shop or restaurant. Your social media is the face of your business, much like the shopfront of a physical store. Customers expect answers when they ask you questions about your products and services and they expect them fast.  This also goes for having contact details on your website. If you’ve given your customers a means of contacting you, you should always respond promptly when they do.


4) Your Brand is an Experience

Once a customer is engaged with a brand they will return to spend more and more on it. Look at the labels you often see on people’s clothing, cars or footwear. We come to associate a certain level of quality just from seeing a logo on a product and the same goes for the branding of your business. From consistent colours, fonts and imagery in your branding, to posting at certain times of day, to having sales on set days of the week, create a recognisable package that is your business. Consistency in how you promote and sell gives an image of reliability that your customers will return to. If they know there will be a new offer on Monday they will associate your business with Mondays. Foster a great reputation for your business and people will come back to experience it again and again.


Are you thinking of starting a business, but don’t know where to begin? Perhaps you’ve already got some ideas but you need the marketing tips and tricks to get your products selling? The Internet Business School is there to support you through every stage of creating an online business. From the first ideas to reaching an ever-expanding online audience. That’s why we’ve created our Internet Marketing Profits course – a step by step guide that takes you through every stage of creating owning an online business in simple monthly modules. Best of all, the first month’s content is absolutely free!

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Five Ways to Easily Study At Home

As a provider of top-quality internet marketing courses, here at the Internet Business School we all understand that it takes a lot of hard work and motivation to study at home. It’s easy to get distracted by the internet or television when you really ought to be buckling down and going through your notes. That’s why we’ve produced our top five ways of making studying at home just a bit easier.

Approach your studies with a positive attitude.


The motivation to keep learning is at its strongest when you don’t view learning as a chore. When you look at your studies as a necessary task or a daily grind, not only does your motivation suffer but also your ability to concentrate when you do study. If you are in the mindset of this being an unpleasant task, your mind will look for anything else it could be doing, leading to procrastination. Try approaching your studies with a positive attitude. Remind yourself of what you have achieved so far and what this study will help you to achieve in the future. Don’t compare yourself with others and avoid self-deprecating thoughts like “this is too much for me” or “I can’t do this”. These will only demotivate you. Having a positive attitude is key to getting positive results.


Create your own learning materials.


You are the one who knows how you learn best. By creating your own study materials using the information you’ve been provided, you can create a learning experience that best suits your preferred style. This could be anything from posters, diagrams, flashcards and other visual mediums, to playing music whilst your study so you always associate certain facts with certain songs. If you don’t know what learning style suits you best, try out a number of different ways and see what helps you remember the most.


Personalise your study space


Make your study space a place you want to be in. If you’re excited to be in the space in which you learn, then learning itself becomes that bit more exciting.  This could involve anything from devoting a room in your house for studying and decorating it how your wish. Or it could involve buying yourself some stationary you really like that you will only use for studying. Make studying more exciting by making the environment a place you want to come back to again and again.


Have a change of scenery.


You don’t however have to stay in the same place for every hour of study. If you find yourself getting bored of your current setup, why not try a change of scene? There are many quiet places you can go to study in outside your own home. Libraries often have desks for you to work at, and more teaching materials if you need them. Coffee shops have the advantage of having freshly made food and drink you can have whilst studying, making the experience once again that bit more exciting. If you don’t want to travel, you can always switch rooms or go out into the garden. Sometimes just turning your desk around or getting a different chair can make all the difference if you need to refresh your surroundings and concentrate.


Reward Yourself.


Studying alone may seem like a long and thankless task sometimes. Yet it doesn’t have to be. Set yourself goals, be they reaching a certain point in the course materials, or spending a certain amount of time learning, and then reward yourself when you get there. The rewards are up to you but should scale depending on the achievement. If you finish a topic, perhaps reward yourself with a dessert, if you finish a book, perhaps go to the pub with your friends for a congratulatory drink.


Want to study but don’t know where to start? The Internet Business School offers a range of professional internet marketing courses that will teach you everything from how to use social media to how to set up your own online business from scratch! Visit us at to find out more!