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Ben can assist you with your Multimedia Marketing efforts, including Youtube marketing, Audio / Video creation, and optimisation. Having initially trained under Simon, he applied and developed what he learned and honed his skills, creating products, websites & online services. He is an active coach and speaker at Simon’s coaching events being an industry respected online audio & video specialist … read more 



After some private mentoring with Simon Coulson and attending the Internet Business School 3 Day Internet Marketing Course, Jay gave up his day job 6 months after the course to concentrate on affiliate and video marketing. 

He now has a very successful business. His main areas of expertise lie in CPA affiliate marketing and would love to give you the assistance you need with this topic. Over the last year, Jay has netted $18k in passive income from this side of his business…. read more



Andy understands the challenges business owners and local marketing consultants face when it comes to getting maximum online exposure for local businesses. Having worked in the online arena for over 10 years, specializing in ‘local’ marketing and having worked or Andy is your ideal coach for any queries relating to ‘local’ marketing. … more info



Stas came on the Internet Business School 3 Day Internet Marketing Course and immediately after this he was able to get the skills and knowledge required to start making money from the internet.

He has mastered the art of building and launching websites as well as Social Media Marketing and helps business owners generate new leads, drive traffic to grow their business and build a strong following online using his professional Social Marketing skills. If you want your business to stand out from the crowd Stas can assist you … more info




Having the right mindset and motivation is crucial to business success. Gaining the right knowledge and skills is, of course, paramount, however, if you are struggling to get to where you want to be, or feel you are underachieving in your business, and don’t really understand why, this could be the result of your mindset or old patterns/behaviours causing self-sabotage or underperformance.

Wendy can assist you by … more info





Ben Guarantees that he can help you make your first money online within 7 days. After being made redundant in October 2008, Ben had enough. He took the leap to make a full time living online and managed to achieve this within four months with the help of Simon and his Diploma course back in 2008. Since attending the course he’s never been back to a day job as an accountant, which is what he used to do .. more info …