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7 Tips to Increase Your Email Open Rates [Part 2]

As promised here is the second part of my series on top email headings.


Tip 5 of this series is arguably the most important


# Tip 5 –  Self Interest

For example : – How to write a promotional email that converts

This is working right now …

7 quick Facebook hacks

This is the best type of email heading and you should be using it the most frequently. You need to keep them direct and highlight a specific benefit your audience will get by opening your email.



#Tip 6 – Connection

For example : Thank you …  or  Have a great Christmas! [ Seasons Greetings]

Don’t forget that you are emailing real people and you need to connect with them. It’s not all about the sale.  Remind people who you are and why they are on your list.



#Tip 7 –  News and Stories

For example –   SEO is changing, find out why…

Is Instagram the new Twitter?

You need to be an authority in your niche and by sharing news and updates this helps maintain and build your authority. You can combine these elements with a curiosity element to increase the chances of the email being opened. Also never forget the power in a story. Telling a story can connect you with your audience and with increased connection, it is more likely that future emails will be opened and your audience will identify with your brand.



In summary

The tips above are great ideas to encourage your subscribers to click on your emails but you need to deliver the content you promise in the subject line because if not you will disillusion your audience.

However, I have one more great tip which has been measured to increase open rates … look out for the next update.


Until next time,

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7 Tips to Increase Your Email Open Rates [Part 1]

Our inboxes are increasingly being filled with emails from a variety of sources and as such open rates have significantly decreased. Make sure your emails are the ones that are opened by following these 7 tips about what drives people to open a particular email.

Read the first 4 tips in our series…



#Tip 1 –  Urgency

For example : – [ Weekend OFFER] only – Get it before it’s gone…!


Creating an urgency drives people to take immediate action rather than to wait until some other later point in time.  However, if you use this one too often, it can lead to list exhaustion where your potential customers start to distrust the validity of the offer, so don’t use it too often.  Also make sure that the offer does actually end when you say it will.



#Tip 2 – Curiosity

For example : – Is this the hottest woman/man in marketing?  

Or the one I used once – “ Helicopter lands in my back garden”?

You have a few words and a few seconds to get your prospect to hit the open button.  If you use one of these lines effectively, you get your subscriber interested enough to click the open button but be careful again, don’t overuse them.



#Tip 3 – Give something away

For example: – [ Free PDF] Download my Website Traffic Stats & See What’s Working

So the example is an interesting one, as it combines giving something away, in this case a PDF download but it also sparks curiosity. Obviously, you need to be running a business in which someone is interested in your website traffic stats, so if you have just started up online, I would try something else. We all like something free, so give this one a go.



#Tip 4 – Highlighting Social Proof

For example : –  How I gathered 5,000 leads in one month [ Case Study]

Authenticity is extremely important and if you have the opportunity to highlight this through an email campaign take the opportunity. This example also highlights uses the curiosity factor to encourage the opening of the email.

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7 Great Facebook Hacks for Business Pages

Marketing your business on Facebook is a great strategy and it doesn’t necessarily mean paying for adverts. I have put together 7 hacks to make the most of your Facebook business page to ensure that your business receives maximum exposure.

Hope you enjoy them!

#1. Encourage personal interaction on your page – Do you have a Facebook page for your business? If so you could encourage personal interaction by tagging people in your post. However it is not so easy to see how to do this, until now …

In your post, click on Edit Post, in the dropdown menu, type @before the person’s name you want to tag, hit done editing and your notification will be sent!

#2. Save for later – There is always so much content in your newsfeed but if you see something that looks interesting, just click the dropdown menu on the top right hand side and you will see a save button, voila!

#3 Pin Important Posts to the top of your timeline to increase visibility – Why not do it, so your important posts don’t get lost within your page. Just click the drop down arrow and click ‘pin my post’.

#4 Keep Your Business Identity Straight – You want to make sure that you are posting as your business and not with your personal profile, so check you have this set up correctly in settings, click the Post Attribution tab and click who you would like to post as.

#5 Respond to your messages quickly even when you are busy it is important to respond quickly to any messages you receive on your Facebook page. A quick hack is to go into settings, then messages and then you can set up to a 250 character message under the Instant Replies setting, which will be sent out automatically to any messages.

 #6 Add a Featured Page Owner – Are you the personality behind your business? Would you like to connect your page to your Facebook profile? Well you can do this, again in settings. Click on Featured then you can add a featured page owner to your page and their details will show in the About section of your Facebook page and also on their personal profile.

#7 Assign roles to others to manage your page – Entrepreneurs need to effectively outsource to effectively manage their time and so why not outsource the management of your page? It is understandable that you might not want to give others complete access but did you know that there are a possible 5 different roles that can be assigned to others, ranging from complete control Admin, to a moderator, who can can’t create or delete posts but can send messages from the page, down to at the very bottom an Analyst role. The analyst can only view insights and see who published as the page but as testing and tweaking is so important, this is really a role that you should get outsourced and done on a regular basis.

I hope you have learnt something from these insights.  There is a lot to learn and lots of hidden features on Facebook but if you utilise what is available you can really maximise your social media presence.

If you would like more Facebook training, please check out the available course.